Aerin Lauder on Her New Lighting Collection
July 11, 2013 - 1:43pm
The founder and Creative Director of AERIN talks about inspirations for her new lighting collection.

Lauder: My creative process starts with mood boards — they help me organize my thoughts and take the first step toward design. I compile all sorts of images, anything that catches my eye and gives me inspiration, like magazine tear-outs, color swatches, personal pictures and more.

Travel is my main inspiration. I love to be in a new environment and exposed to different surroundings and cultures. These days, the Internet and different social platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr are exciting — you’re exposed to so much more without leaving your home. You don’t have to go somewhere to see new things and be inspired.

With AERIN, I focus on making products that are both beautiful and functional. I don’t think you should have to sacrifice form for function. My personal design style is classic and traditional, with a modern twist. I like classic pieces that have a contemporary accent to make them relevant and fresh. Throughout my collections, I use gold as a neutral. I believe that gold is as timeless an accent in interiors as it is in jewelry and accessories.

People are increasingly looking for ease when designing. We created the AERIN brand with the intention of giving consumers and designers an edited point of view with multiple home pieces that can blend together. The lighting, fabrics and furniture are all designed to stand on their own, but also be used in combination seamlessly.

I love chandeliers — they’re a great anchor when designing a room and can really enhance an interior space. The Mill chandelier is made of metal with gilded gold leaf to give it depth. When we designed this piece, we set out to create the impression of a woven basket of light — it came together beautifully.

  • The Mill ceiling light
  • A watercolor rendering from the new AERIN Collection, available this fall.
  • A watercolor rendering of the new AERIN Collection, which was a hit at the Spring High Point Market.

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