2014 Showroom of the Year Finalists: Revenue Under $5 Million
April 28, 2014 - 2:06pm
Presenting the 10 finalists for the Showroom of the Year Revenue Under $5 Million category. Join us at the Dallas Intl. Lighting Market on June 18 when we announce the winner.

Northwest Lighting and Accents, Mt. Prospect, IL

Northwest Lighting and Accents believes that showroom excellence requires more than just the best building, displays and products. Like many independent dealers, the 66,000-square-foot showroom faces intense competition from price-cutting Internet sellers. Motivated employees who have extensive lighting and interior design experience and who are passionate about lighting help the store thrive.

Displays that sell light and lighting effects by demonstrating to customers the aesthetics of a quality lighting design are another competitive tool. ”We are selling the expertise of creating a quality custom lighting scheme, to help customers realize the vision of what their spaces can be,” the entry statement explains. The customer can then purchase this vision, complete with drawings, installation documents and lighting controls in addition to the lighting products. For additional charges, Northwest provides on-site support, finishing and aiming services.

This year, Northwest Lighting built one of its most advanced display tools to date. A new lighting demonstration vignette depicts an actual-size professional office, complete with a full gambit of available LED lighting products in every price point. The room has been lit with six distinct pre-set lighting schemes, each representative of installations commonly seen in the field. End users find it easy to compare and contrast the options.

The demonstration vignette has generated larger-than-usual projects that include architectural lighting, decorative lighting, automated shading, lighting control systems and interior accessories instead of only one or two of these categories, which might have been more typical. The demand for this category of business has prompted Northwest to start developing a professional services division that offers lighting design as a billable service.

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