2012 Showroom of the Year Finalists: Revenue Under $2 Million
May 21, 2012 - 10:25am

Presenting the finalists for the 3rd annual Showroom of the Year Awards, sponsored by Residential Lighting and the Dallas Market Center. Join us at the Dallas Intl. Lighting Market on June 21 as we announce the winners. 



In its design and merchandising, Urban Lighting’s 1,200-square-foot showroom has European flair and a gallery ambience that is white, bright and airy. Contemporary lighting designs from Moooi, Ingo Mauer and Fortuny are balanced with mainstream, transitional lighting lines. The goal is to offer a good variety of high/mid-range fixtures. The one-of-a-kind showroom and its merchandise mix appeal to the local architecture and design community and area homeowners and tourists visiting San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter, Urban Lighting’s home.

Once upon a time, Urban Lighting had a different name and owner, but the people who work there today have remained consistent; even the new owner is a veteran. The philosophy is to support the customer in as many ways as possible, from providing options within a price range to stocking famous brand names, not facsimiles. Thanks to the Internet, customers often walk into the showroom knowing what they want. Incredibly detail-oriented with years of experience, the Urban Lighting staff is ready to help them get it. Each staffer has an interior design background and is very knowledgeable about lighting and design. Their contribution has helped the showroom grow its sales and profits, even in tough economic times.

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