2012 Lighting for Tomorrow Awards Presented
September 18, 2012 - 1:37pm
This year's awards installation saw a record number of entries and, for next year, a new category may be in the works.
Lighting Science Group
Lighting Science Group took home three awards.

Winners of the 2012 Lighting For Tomorrow competition were announced during a breakfast at the 2012 American Lighting Association (ALA) Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, Sept. 9-11.

The awards, which recognize exceptional energy-efficient lighting products in an effort to create higher consumer acceptance and awareness for the category, are organized by the ALA, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and UL LLC.

Since the competition’s inception in 2002, 800 fixtures have been judged. This year’s installation saw 124 entries, the largest number in the history of Lighting for Tomorrow Awards. "This is an indication that Lighting for Tomorrow continues to grow, especially with the quality of entries in LED and lighting controls," said Terry McGowan, ALA Director of Engineering and Technology.

This year, the judging panel named seven winners, 10 honorable mentions and two special recognition awards among 67 LED fixtures, 14 retrofit kits, 34 lamps and 10 controls.

Seven judges, including Larry King of Capital Lighting and Linda Morley from Dominion Electric Supply Co. Inc., evaulated 120 installed products at UL over the course of two days. Judging criteria included: color appearance, color rendering, appropriate luminance, application efficiency, value and aesthetic appearance and style.

Winners in the solid-state lighting fixture category included: AFX Lighting’s Centre Contemporary LED pendant, which judges praised for its pulley system; Hinkley’s Atlantis, which is both energy-efficient and Dark Sky compliant; the IRiS P3LED from Cooper Lighting, which won for the second year in a row; and the Unilume LED Undercabinet from Tech Lighting, which sits in a housing less than 1 inch deep.

Honorable mentions in this category included MaxLite’s LED Round Pendant; the Flex LED desk lamp from Cielux, a div. of DiCon Lighting; the HeronLED personal task light from LittleFootprint Lighting; Prism’s LED Desk lamp; Evolution Lighting’s Contractor Series PAR 30 Equivalent linear track and its Remote-Controled LED Six-Light fully-programmable fixed track; Lithonia Lighting’s UCLD LED cabinet light; Good Earth Lighting’s LED pick kit; and Juno’s Generation 3 LED Downlight.

Special recognition in this category went to the WaveForm chandelier from Hart Lighting. While this decorative fixture doesn’t meet stringent Energy Star® requirements, LFT judges praised it for offering “beautiful light quality” using high-efficacy technology and substantially fewer watts than traditional light sources.

Lighting Science Group swept the LED Replacement Lamps category with its Definity PAR30 Short Neck bulb and its Definity BR30 bulb. Both bulbs replace high-wattage incandescent bulbs usually found in ceiling fans.

Top honors in the LED Retrofit category went to OSRAM SYLVANIA for its ULTRA RT6 Gimbal. The adjustable gimbal is suitable for slanted ceilings and wall washing and provides excellent color rendering and dimmability to 20 percent. Lighting Science Group won an honorable mention in this category for Glimpse, which fits 5- or 6-inch recessed downlight applications.

Although no product won the Lighting Control category, judges lauded the Legrand adorne Event Controller as an Innovative Concept. The system offers customizable lighting scenes at the touch of a single button, and with the addition of the company’s Whole-House Mobile Interface Controller, homeowners can program and select lighting scenes from their smartphones, tablets, PC computers or from a wireless remote control.

Overall, McGowan said that he and the judging panel saw a new trend in this year's entries: the ability to adjust the color of the light in desk lamps. "We saw this sooner than we expected," McGowan said. "It's a great new direction for desk lamps that can be applied to other fixtures as well."

The 2013 awards will kick off at the January Dallas Market with LED Fixtures, LED Retrofit Kits, LED Replacement Lamps and Lighting Controls. There is also discussion about the addition of a new category, Energy-Efficient Lighting Products for Seniors, and the enhancement of the Lighting Controls category, according to McGowan.

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