Lighting retailers might think this is a pretty-doom-and-gloom time as the housing market continues to languish. But there is a bright spot on the horizon thanks to the Baby Boomers. Defined as those born between 1946 and... read more
As energy prices continue to climb to record highs, the push to make sure homes are as energy efficient as possible has become more important than ever. Usually, newly constructed homes get most of the attention when it... read more
These days, it seems everyone is in love with recessed downlights. “For the past 25 years or so, the trend in residential new construction and remodeling has been to install recessed downlights as the predominant luminaire... read more
Short of moving into a cave or becoming Amish, is it possible to live in a modern a home that uses no electricity? David Johnston, president of What’s Working, a Boulder, CO-based consulting firm that encourages the home... read more
Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) have been touted as the environmentally-friendly alternative to incandescent bulbs because they use much less energy to operate than an incandescent bulb. But some consumers have been wary of... read more
Marconi: One of my most recent projects is the Geometrics line for Uncommon Radiance, a company that is pioneering hand-blown glass that incorporates precious metals. This is the first time I’ve designed lighting for the... read more
As anyone who has even taken a bite of a not-quite-done hamburger knows, having good lighting around the backyard grill is essential. And these days — as more Americans are building extravagant outdoor kitchens complete with... read more
Got a lighting problem? Give it to a college student learning about lighting design, and you’re sure to get a creative solution. At least that’s what happened when Chatsworth, CA-based Lamps Plus Professionals and the... read more
As fluorescent and halogen lamps continue to gain acceptance among consumers, “color temperature” has become one of the hot new buzzwords in the lighting industry. Some lighting manufacturers quip that their products have... read more
Dimmers are popular applications in many homes these days, allowing people the ability to add drama and a touch of romance whenever the mood strikes. But if consumers want to replace their incandescent bulbs with more energy... read more
These days, it seems everybody’s got a high-def, flat-screen TV, a PlayStation, an Xbox and a pile of Netflicks movies -- and a media room to watch them in. Lighting is especially important, and tricky, in media rooms,... read more
This year’s Lightfair International, held May 28-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, was a bustling center of activity, hosting an abundant assortment of today’s most advanced architectural illumination, as well as... read more
It's well known that older adults need higher levels of light to see properly. But according to a new Dutch study published in the Journal of American Medicine, higher light levels can also reduce the affects of dementia in... read more
As home furnishings continue to lean toward clean-lined, contemporary styles, more and more homeowners are looking to hang decorative pendant lights or to mount spotlights, tilted at just the right angle for dramatic effect... read more
Need an energy-efficient bulb for your new home lighting project? Chances are you’ll end up choosing between a compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) or a light-emitting diode (LED). By and large, these two product families have had... read more
Forget harvesting pumpkins. This fall, the California Lighting Technology Center at the University of California Davis is going to be working on a better way of harvesting daylight. "Daylight harvesting" is a term for a... read more
Gone are the days when bathrooms were just the place you went to do your business. These days, homeowners are turning their bathrooms into spacious retreats where they can wash away the stress of everyday life. And as... read more
We all know MTV’s The Real World is far from true reality — have you ever lived in a house with seven barely clad 20-somethings, over-the-top funky décor and a confessional booth?But on the 20th season of the hit reality... read more
At this year’s American Lighting Association Conference in Washington, D.C., American Lighting Association President and CEO Dick Upton, American Lighting Association Director of Technology Terry McGowan and countless... read more
When a new line of high-fashion cooker hoods goes on sale this month from Italy's Faber Spa, one thing you won’t see are the ubiquitous halogen bulbs that have traditionally been used in kitchen appliances.Faber, which has... read more

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