Crystal chandeliers have come a long way from the days as traditional, stately pieces only enjoyed in the most formal of spaces and positioned to impress guests in the dining room or the foyer. Crystal’s use in various... read more
Lighting designers, get ready to show off your stuff. It’s time to enter the annual Lighting for Tomorrow competition, organized by the American Lighting Association, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest... read more
Kevin Gauna, Project Engineer at the California Lighting Technology Center, breaks down the science behind solid-state light sources. Residential Lighting: What are LEDs? Kevin Guana: A light-emitting diode or an LED is a... read more
Residential Lighting: What is the difference between line voltage and low voltage? Meeker: Line voltage means that it’s running on the line voltage of the home without a transformer, which is 120 volts. It’s table lamps, and... read more
He likes sports; she likes romance. He wants a bar in the kitchen; she wants a breakfast nook where the kids can play — once they have kids. How do you design a home to appease both the yin and yang of a newly married couple... read more
Lighting retailers might think this is a pretty-doom-and-gloom time as the housing market continues to languish. But there is a bright spot on the horizon thanks to the Baby Boomers. Defined as those born between 1946 and... read more
As energy prices continue to climb to record highs, the push to make sure homes are as energy efficient as possible has become more important than ever. Usually, newly constructed homes get most of the attention when it... read more
These days, it seems everyone is in love with recessed downlights. “For the past 25 years or so, the trend in residential new construction and remodeling has been to install recessed downlights as the predominant luminaire... read more
Short of moving into a cave or becoming Amish, is it possible to live in a modern a home that uses no electricity? David Johnston, president of What’s Working, a Boulder, CO-based consulting firm that encourages the home... read more
Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) have been touted as the environmentally-friendly alternative to incandescent bulbs because they use much less energy to operate than an incandescent bulb. But some consumers have been wary of... read more
Marconi: One of my most recent projects is the Geometrics line for Uncommon Radiance, a company that is pioneering hand-blown glass that incorporates precious metals. This is the first time I’ve designed lighting for the... read more
There’s no doubt times are tough. Earlier this week, the New York Times announced that employers made approximately 62,000 job cuts on Monday alone, evidence that the economy continues to plummet. The signs are there in... read more
Besa Lighting has relaunched its website,, to showcase its fast-growing portfolio of lighting products.Interactivity is the key to the redesign, according to Besa representatives. The new portal features Web... read more
Global Views, a wholesaler of home accessories, has announced that it will now be showing lighting products in its new, expanded showroom at the Dallas Market Center.In the past Global Views was known for its array of home... read more
Residential Lighting magazine, and its sister publications and Design & Decor magazine, will be hosting three educational seminars at the upcoming Las Vegas Market, taking place at the World Market... read more
The Dallas Market Center and the Accessories Resource Team has announced the winners of the 20th annual ARTS Awards, which recognize outstanding retailers, product designers, manufacturers and sales representatives in the... read more
If you’re a lighting showroom owner who is looking to differentiate your store from other showrooms in your area, consider jumping across the pond this February to attend The ARC Show in London.Established in 2008, The ARC... read more
The Dallas Market Center announced on Wednesday the winners of the Best of Show Awards for the January 2009 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market.Awards were given to exhibitors who had the most creative, fresh an innovative... read more
Q: Randall, during the 18 years I have been an interior designer, I have attended dozens of your presentations—absolutely the best in humor and information. You are just a genius, and your accomplishments so impressive... read more
LED lighting is touted as the wave of the future, the great white hope of energy efficient lighting. But it’s a topic that many lighting showroom owners sheepishly admit they’re still in the dark about.So how does LED... read more

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