Cleveland Lighting, Lyndhurst, OH After a fire destroyed its original showroom in 2009, Cleveland Lighting came back from the ashes with a facility that set a new standard for modern showroom design. Its ability to rebound... read more
  Accent Lighting, Lake Oswego, OR Accent Lighting’s approach to success is deceptively simple: It does everything in its power to make sure customers have the best possible experience doing business with the 17-year-... read more
LED lighting can be overwhelming for the average lighting shopper. “In our showroom, we carry everything from LED pendants to color-changing tape light,” says Craig Frank, General Manager of Lighting Unlimited in Houston. “... read more
Residential Lighting: Lightfair attendance has been up during a tough economy. Why is that?Jeff Portman: Lightfair has been growing significantly and consistently every year since its inception in 1989. But the 2012 Las... read more
McCoy: My guide is the client. Is the interior modern? Is it Moroccan? I’m working on a house right now that takes inspiration from Bali and Thailand. I like to travel to places like Las Vegas to see cutting-edge restaurants... read more
Residential Lighting: What overall home design directions are important right now?Andrea Sinkin: Definitely the introduction of surrealism among products. Our Home Editor, Jaye Anna Mize, says pieces are taking a more... read more
Lacefield: I love to travel and am always inspired by experiencing different cultures and the unique items I collect along the way. Fashion, architecture, food, nature, books — I am inspired by them all. Recent trips to... read more
Multi Luminaire — Laval, QC Located next to the largest mall in town, Multi Luminaire benefits from high visibility and a lot of foot traffic. “We’re dedicated only to lighting,” says Catherine Patry, Director of Sales. “Of... read more
As a student in interior design school, Jodie Orange hated lighting. “The lighting course that was part of our curriculum was not technical enough, and it left me feeling very confused,” Orange says. “I got the idea that it... read more
Fretz: It’s not enough for new lighting products to be attractive and salable, they must also stand on their own and not steal sales from a company’s current offerings. If I had a choice to introduce 24 new products, I would... read more
Paul Gosselin, President of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP) and President of landscape lighting specialist NightScenes Corp., offers this advice when approaching an outdoor lighting plan.DO control... read more
Lisa Robison
Residential Lighting: Tell us about the concept of Dwell With Dignity. Lisa Robison: We truly believe that if we can change someone’s environment, we can change their lives. It’s oftentimes those who can least afford good... read more
Barry Dixon
Dixon: I go to two places for inspiration. One, the history of design and ornamentation. We’re going back centuries to the Greeks and Romans, to artists, architects and craftsmen — to anonymous sparks of thought and design... read more
Beth Hayden
Residential Lighting: What is Pinterest?Beth Hayden: Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to create online collages of images and videos, and share those collages with your followers. It’s different from... read more
Front-of-house displays are prime real estate for any lighting retailer. But at Connecticut Lighting Centers in Hartford, CT, switches and dimmers — not decorative products — greet folks as they enter. “The first thing you... read more
Eunice Noell-Waggoner
Residential Lighting: What lighting functionalities do we need for an aging population?Eunice Noell-Waggoner: The key words are quantity and quality. Let’s explore quality first. What a young person might describe as “... read more
Marks: My process for designing a light is always dependent on the location where it’s going. Often times, I re-work vintage fixtures by changing scale, finishes, and bulb locations so that they fit the room they are... read more
Rick Wiedemer
Residential Lighting: What does your 90th anniversary mean to you?Rick Wiedemer: We’re in our fourth generation of ownership. What’s most meaningful to me is that we’ve been able to remain in business for such a long period... read more
Ken Ludwig
Ludwig: I started very young, probably 10 or 11, drawing architecture — floor plans and “fantasy space cities.” As I look back, it must have been what drew me to interior design and my love of home furnishing products. I am... read more
Nicole Bowling
Like many people in the lighting industry, David Director literally grew up in the business. In high school, he started working at his father’s showroom, Connecticut Lighting Centers, sweeping the floors and working in the... read more

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