Residential Lighting: How do you define cultural design?Jeanine Hays:  When we started blogging about cultural design, it was about embracing the personal style — how to express who you are in your home, particularly in... read more
Koszyk: Most of my inspiration comes from music and fashion. My background is apparel, and I have a degree in fashion marketing. I spent a lot of time researching classic, well-made, high-end couture, and that’s where I pull... read more
Residential Lighting: You designed the first Net Zero Energy residence in Chicago. What is a Net Zero Energy home? Jonathan Boyer: It's a building that produces more energy than it consumes on an annual basis. It may have an... read more
Nicole Bowling
When it comes to the Jan. 1, 2014, phase-out of 60W and 40W standard incandescent bulbs, Steve Levet of Atlantic Electrical Supply Corp. says he and his staff are already warning customers about the change ahead. “We’re... read more
Blackman: Lighting always starts with the source. How do I hold this source? Electrify it? Control its light? What is its size and shape? Is it being created for price, design or cost of manufacturing? I have to answer a... read more
Today’s consumers expect seamless interaction between store, catalog and Internet channels, culminating in a purchase of the product they want at the price they want to pay. As a result, “showrooming” is now commonplace; a... read more
Kahn: I begin my design work with the first inspiration that pops into my mind — it’s always the best idea I have. I realized years ago that my instinct and intuition for design projects and clients is something to trust and... read more
Residential Lighting: Where do lighting showrooms need help?Barbara Crowhurst: Four key areas. The first is a financial review of the business. I’m noticing a poor focus on technology, such as point-of-sale reports that show... read more
Residential Lighting: Tell us about your book “How to Say Anything to Anyone.”Shari Harley: The key to being more candid at work is to establish relationships where you have permission to be candid. “How to Say Anything to... read more
Nicole Bowling
When Connecticut Lighting Centers redesigned its websites in 2011, it added video to its marketing strategy. From video players on the homepage to a robust YouTube channel, the goal is simple: reach customers in a more... read more
Lauder: My creative process starts with mood boards — they help me organize my thoughts and take the first step toward design. I compile all sorts of images, anything that catches my eye and gives me inspiration, like... read more
Surmelis: I begin by looking at what is already part of the angelo:HOME Collection. As I design new products, it’s important that they have a connection to the existing line. It always starts with color. It’s the driving... read more
When showroom managers Jason Stevens and Jack Metcalf took over ownership of Burnsville, MN’s Fan Man Lighting in 2007, they weren’t sure what to do with an 8-by-10-foot glass-windowed office in the space. “We considered... read more
  Residential Lighting: What will you talk about at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market? Bill Rancic: My goal is to inspire and motivate and entertain throughout my presentation. I plan to talk about some of the... read more
Canning: When working on a collection, I have an awareness of what’s required by the market. My design brief would indicate the direction I’d take. Combined with my own design slant, I generate concepts with the client in a... read more
Residential Lighting: What's your take on retailing today? Rick Segel: I think independents have the greatest opportunity ever in the history of retailing. There are more no-cost and low-cost marketing tools available today... read more
Solid-state lighting (SSL) represents a family of novel general lighting technologies that generate light by passing current through a crystalline solid rather than a heated element, gas or plasma. The most popular is the... read more
The American Lighting Assn. (ALA) will host its 2013 Annual Conference in Lost Pines, TX, near Austin, at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa Sept. 22-24. With a schedule of “All-Star” speakers, seminars on topics... read more
Yale Appliance + Lighting may have added refrigerators and washing machines to its lighting mix in the 1960s, but at its 25,000-square-foot showroom in Dorchester, MA, the relationship between the two sides of the business... read more
Connecticut Lighting Centers, Hartford, CT The first in its area to promote the “lighting center” concept, family-owned and -operated Connecticut Lighting Centers was established in 1972 by the Director family and a staff... read more

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