Colonial Lighting, Sugar Hill, GA Colonial Lighting is a destination lighting showroom located on the outskirts of Atlanta in one of Georgia’s fastest-growing counties. With more than 60 vendors in its portfolio, the 7,500-... read more
Cardello Electric Supply, Cranberry, PA Pennsylvania’s Cranberry Township is among the fastest-growing areas in the United States. One of eight branch locations owned and operated by Cardello Electric Supply, the flagship... read more
Residential Lighting: We hear you organized a new networking event at High Point.Lisa Ferguson: Our Elevate events are going strong. I launched Strengths Mentor with an experiential day called Rise on Friday before High... read more
You’ll find several of these topics addressed on the following pages, helping everyone better understand this significant and often underserved segment of the lighting market. With a population of approximately 35 million... read more
Housing starts are expected to remain stable in 2014 and 2015 after a slowdown in 2013. 2014 is expected to see 187,300 units before moderating to 184,900 in 2015. Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec are forecasted to show... read more
Although it has lagged behind the United States, Canada’s incandescent bulb legislation is much more comprehensive and has happened at a faster rate. Federal Canadian legislation banning the manufacture and importation of... read more
Canada’s culture has historically been influenced by Europe, especially France and Great Britain, and this is still felt today in home décor choices. In general, Canadian style (especially in the eastern provinces) can best... read more
While there is no national light-recycling plan in place in Canada, three provinces have established their own regulations: British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec. The programs, all of which are operated by the Product Care... read more
Online shopping continues to resonate with small retailers worldwide. Canada is no exception. Citing Statistics Canada, Retail Makeover CEO Barbara Crowhurst says 71 percent of Internet users in Canada use the Web for online... read more
Johnson: I believe a family’s personal space should reflect who they are and provide them with beauty, light and tranquility. Texture, color and interesting design enhance emotional, spiritual and physical health. I... read more
Residential Lighting: What are you anticipating by making KBIS part of Design & Construction Week?Bill Darcy: We’re extremely excited to partner with the National Assn. of Home Builders to create this event for our... read more
Residential Lighting: How did the idea for HGTV come about?Susan Packard: The idea was Ken Lowe’s, who’s also a founder. He and his wife had built many homes and had no readily available, 24/7 place to get information. So... read more
Barry: I travel a lot, and sometimes I’ll see something that sets an idea in motion. I try to capture my take on it quickly. I travel with my watercolors and always have a set close at hand at home. I always begin with a... read more
Residential Lighting: Explain the collaborative economy.Jeremiah Owyang: The collaborative economy is an economic model of shared ownership and access. It means that people are sharing goods and  services amongst... read more
Whether you pledge to eat healthier food, manage your stress level or save more money in 2014, New Year’s resolutions are a great opportunity to re-examine your personal goals and set the tone for the next 365 days. The same... read more
Residential Lighting: Tell us how light levels affect circadian rhythms. Mariana G. Figueiro, Ph.D.: Circadian rhythms are the rhythms in our body that repeat approximately every 24 hours. Light/dark patterns’ incident on... read more
Embrace TechnologyTo gain the upper hand, arm your staff with iPads, says Bill Branham II of Brecher’s Lighting in Louisville, KY. Employees there use tablets to easily and quickly communicate with the warehouse and to... read more
Kemble: My recent collection with Henredon is the culmination of years of furniture fantasies. It’s inspired by antiques that made my heart go pitter-patter, vintage pieces that I have fallen in love with shopping the Dixie... read more
Ask industry members about Clark Linstone and a couple of recurring observations are likely to arise. The first is that he’s more committed to his work than most anyone else; another is that his calm and collected nature... read more
Lighting showroom owners will spend hours (maybe even days) combing markets for the latest looks in portable lamps. But, if they’re bringing those exciting new products back to a store that is worn, messy or outdated on the... read more

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