While Canadian retailers certainly shop the major U.S. markets, sometimes it helps to have options closer to home for fill-in buying or non-lighting categories. U.S. manufacturers are also increasingly taking aim at events... read more
Canadian Housing Market
Canada’s housing market has been on an upward swing for years, surviving the 2008 U.S. crash with barely a mark. Now there’s concern, however, that the country’s own bubble is getting ready to burst as the decline in oil... read more
The clean lines and sophisticated tailoring of the Mid-Century Modern era still resonates with Canadian consumers. Crystorama’s Paxton Collection also has a popular Polished Nickel finish.   A... read more
Consumer Price Index*124.5 in December 2014, up 1.5 percent from 2013 Labor Force19.15 million in January 2015, up .3 percent from 2014 Unemployment Rate6.6 percent in January 2015, down from 7 percent in January 2014 Gross... read more
U.S. dollar Canadian dollar
Ask Canadian lighting retailers to name their biggest business challenge right now and odds are it either is, or stems from, the U.S. currency exchange rate. This seemingly ever-present issue in the Canadian lighting retail... read more
David Trubridge
David Trubridge was formally educated in boat design and graduated with a degree in Naval Architecture from Newcastle University in Northern England in 1972. During the ensuing years, Trubridge traveled the world by yacht,... read more
Northwest Lighting and Accents
Northwest Lighting and Accents is busy putting the finishing touches on a big remodel project they began more than a year ago to make room for fully integrated fan, bath and outdoor experience labs in their Mount Prospect,... read more
Henry Hutcheson
Residential Lighting: How are family businesses doing in 2015? Henry Hutcheson: A lot of family businesses got hit hard starting in 2008, but many survived the downturn. This is unique about family businesses versus... read more
Dr. Shuji Nakamura
Residential Lighting: How did your work with blue LEDs come about? Shuji Nakamura: From 1979 to 1988, I worked on developing conventional infrared and red LEDs. I noticed that there were not that many researchers working on... read more
Life may be made in the bedroom, but it’s lived in the kitchen. Regardless of its playfulness, that pronouncement is, for many of us, the honest truth. Today’s kitchens are a hub of activity, hosting everything from nightly... read more
Julia Buckingham
Q: Congratulations on landing the Global Views’ design gig. How’s it going? A: I was told my first licensing agreement would be the most difficult, but I have to tell you it’s been the most pain-free, cohesive, comprehensive... read more
Brandon WeissFounder/PrincipalEvolutionary Home Builders Evolutionary Home Builders, Geneva, IL, focuses on sustainable and green building products and methods for all price levels and budgets in the Chicago area. Philips... read more
Susan Serra PH 2/1 pendant by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen. Photo courtesy of Susan Serra. Your favorite kitchen lighting? “My favorite lighting for the... read more
Hubbard Kitchen, Bath & Lighting Hinkley
A picture is worth a thousand words, and when we’re talking beauty shots featuring the latest lighting trends set inside a serene courtyard sprinkled with calla lilies and statues of the Buddha or dangling above a gleaming... read more
Residential Lighting: It must be very gratifying to embark on a new career chapter as you enter year 21 at the American Lighting Assn (ALA). Eric Jacobson: I can't say I was surprised to learn I was chosen to follow Dick (... read more
Q: Why Visual Comfort? A: They know their business; they know their market; they love a challenge and they totally rise to the occasion. Q: How would you describe the style of your lighting? A: I would say it’s modern. Some... read more
Categories that aren’t self-explanatory — like accent lighting, architectural lighting and landscape lighting — need help to make it into clients’ homes. “Customers come in throwing around the term ‘wall washer,’ but they... read more
Residential Lighting: What do you mean by “The Human Brand”? Chris Malone: Through research with Dr. Susan Fiske, a psychologist at Princeton, we’ve learned that in fact people were the first brands. Faces were the first... read more
Nicole Bowling
In June 1990, Larry King made a scary decision. He had been at Ohio Lighting Center since 1975, where in 15 years he worked his way up from Columbus State Community College student intern to the store’s Vice President of... read more
Browning Bova: I have a responsibility to create something that has a purpose, brings value and provides beauty. To do this, I think in a global sense. How does this product function? What is its value? How does it talk to... read more

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