Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach
Chair Statement from Brandon Levin, President of Justice Design Group As the long, cold, snowy winters have finally passed, American Lighting Assn. (ALA) members are fortunate that the sun, sand, relaxation and excitement of... read more
Q: What is Aretè Collection?   A: Aretè is a luxury collection of furnishings, lighting and objet d’arte. Q: How did it come about?   A: Creative Director George Sellers is a sculptor with a background in art... read more
Kate Christensen; 2015 ALA Conference
As one of the Featured Speakers slated for the 2015 American Lighting Assn. (ALA) Conference, Digital Media Executive Kate Christensen, who has worked with Sony and Disney, wants to help the lighting industry connect... read more
Wabash Electric
From Instagram and iPads to old-fashioned beards and “artisanal” anything, Millennials or Gen Yers as they’re sometimes called (basically anyone born from about 1980 to 2000) can be baffling bunch. But, while they’re... read more
Chip Averwater
Residential Lighting: Tell us about your new book, “Retail Truths.” Chip Averwater: The book discusses 427 lessons about retailing that I gathered from 40 years of operating a store. Some came from my father and grandfather... read more
Colonial Lighting, Sugar Hill, GA Walk in Colonial Lighting’s doors, and you will not be disappointed. “There are lots of beautiful showrooms out there,” read the store’s entry, “but less common, though, are showrooms where... read more
Dulles Electric Supply, Sterling, VA Celebrating 30 years in business in 2015, Dulles Electric Supply has become the lighting and electrical supply capital of the Washington, D.C., metroplex. “The Mid-Atlantic's largest... read more
Accent Lighting, Lake Oswego, OR Thanks to hard work and a deep-rooted devotion to customer satisfaction, Accent Lighting came out of the recent economic downturn better than before. When the showroom opened in 1996, the... read more
The mere mention of lighting design software makes many showrooms sigh and groan. Interior design-focused programs with all their bells and whistles are, at best, intimidating and expensive. Plus, many showroom managers... read more
ALA Lighting magazine
The ninth issue of Lighting magazine, a national consumer publication focused on residential lighting published in partnership with Meredith Corp.’s Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications, will hit showrooms... read more
Jim Brodrick
Residential Lighting: Please put solid-state lighting in perspective. Jim Brodrick: We’re in the midst of a lighting transformation comparable to the days of Edison. LED lighting is evolving at a blistering pace —... read more
Robert Singer
Q: What are the three most significant developments in residential lighting during the past decade? A: LED technology, home automation and energy-code requirements for lamping efficacy. Q: How have they impacted your... read more
Lightfair App
The Lightfair App Definitely download the Lightfair app. It has a new homepage look featuring a V3 design with icons and the addition of tiles to navigate to popular information:Trade Show, Conference, Events and Social... read more
Robert Borg
Q: What are the biggest differences between Canadian and American lighting markets? A: I’ve always looked on the North American lighting marketplace as a series of regional markets rather than an “American” and ”Canadian”... read more
Hilliard MacBeth
Residential Lighting: How did your book come about? Hilliard MacBeth: Fifteen years ago, I started to notice people changing their attitude toward real estate, probably due to the bursting of the dot-com bubble in the 2000s... read more
Montréal Lighting & Hardware
As many in the home furnishings industry celebrated a slight but meaningful uptick in sales over the previous year, news outlets throughout North America reported that the folks over at Target were facing a more somber... read more
ALA Newsfeed
In March 2015, the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) will launch the ALA Newsfeed, a free customizable member option.  The ALA Newsfeed is a fully-automated service that harvests news on a daily basis from the websites of... read more
Baby boomer lighting
With 76 million Baby Boomers in the United States and 60-year-olds needing double the light as folks half their age, the social media sphere is abuzz with discussion of how to serve this segment. One of these conversations... read more
Canadian leaf
As 2015 concludes its first quarter, Canadian retailers continue to represent a meaningful contingent of the North American lighting industry, not only in terms of showroom sales, but also association participation and... read more
New Year’s Day (National): Jan. 1 Family Day (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan): Feb. 16 (Feb. 9 in BC) in 2015; Feb 15 (and Feb. 8 in BC) in 2016 Good Friday (National except Quebec): April 3 Easter Monday (... read more

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