In a day and age where the Internet is king, digital information protection is royally important. It’s a commonly held thought that only large corporations are susceptible to hackers, but unfortunately, small retailers are... read more
Gabrielle Blair
Residential Lighting: You have the blog. Why did you write a book? Gabrielle Blair: I didn't really have “book” on my list, but a publisher reached out to me. They liked the content on my blog and liked my... read more
Windsor Smith
Q: What are your lighting pet peeves? A: Not giving it the attention it deserves! You can just feel the difference between rooms where lighting is approached as a utility and those where light sculpts the space and directs... read more
Periscope — a live streaming video app owned by Twitter that allows you to broadcast for free — is the newest craze in the social media jungle.  On Aug. 2, the company announced that it had already reached 10 million... read more
Cindy Morris, DMC
Residential Lighting: How has the role of the market center — Dallas specifically, but also market centers in general — evolved in the years you have been with DMC? City Morris: Our marketplace is powered by... read more
Mark McDowell
Q: When did you decide to go out on your own as a designer? A: My wife Kel and I teamed up to create Mark McDowell Design LLC a little over two years ago. Her focus is on interior design and mine is on product design. ... read more
Accent Lighting posted this collage with its beaming staff front and center; from left: Ted Binhammer, Lynn Richards, Bob Warmbold, Hailey Warmbold, Amanda Lashbaugh and Avery Brown. Photo: Accent Lighting  Spectro... read more
National Ceiling Fan Day, Brite Electric, Fanimation fan
Founded in 2013, National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD), which will take place this year on Sept. 18, is becoming a tradition to look forward to — especially in those parts of the country where temperatures at that time are still... read more
Snoa Garrigan
Residential Lighting: Tell us about the Interior Design Society (IDS). Snoa Garrigan: We’re a membership association for the residential interior design trade. We started in 1974, under the National Home Furnishings Assn. (... read more
 Jonas Forsman Forsman is a Swedish furniture and product designer whose product philosophy is “solving problems through geometrical poetry.” His designs focus on functionality and simplicity.  Crane from Adesso's... read more
Allison Paladino
Q: How did you become involved in design? A: Design was ingrained in my head as a child watching my mother thrive in her interior design firm. I tried rebelling, but eventually gave into the passion that was innate. We... read more
ALA annual D.C. trip
American Lighting Assocation (ALA) staff and 17 members traveled to Washington, D.C., to participate in the annual mission trip April 29-30, 2015. During the trip, the group met with 15 key legislative parties, as well as... read more
Gross Electric
Starting up a small business helps grow the economy and, for those of us whose bread and butter is a bricks-and-mortar lighting showroom, it helps better secure the future of our industry in the face of “competitors” like... read more
Gregg Garofalo
Residential Lighting: Tell us about Lighting One. Gregg Garofalo: In 2001, CCA Global purchased what was then known as Illucio. It became not just about purchasing, but more of what membership in a cooperative can provide... read more
    Pinned by Arianne Bellizaire, @inspiredarianneCurrey & Co. Agnes orb chandelier   Pinned by Kati Curtis, @designerkatiJamie Young Pacific chandelier    Pinned by Lori Gilder, @... read more
Donny and Debbie Osmond
Q: What led you into home furnishings? A: Show business can be very demanding and keeps me on the road a lot of the time. It’s nice to come home to a place that’s restful and serene and filled with the warmth of family.... read more
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach
Chair Statement from Brandon Levin, President of Justice Design Group As the long, cold, snowy winters have finally passed, American Lighting Assn. (ALA) members are fortunate that the sun, sand, relaxation and excitement of... read more
Q: What is Aretè Collection?   A: Aretè is a luxury collection of furnishings, lighting and objet d’arte. Q: How did it come about?   A: Creative Director George Sellers is a sculptor with a background in art... read more
Kate Christensen; 2015 ALA Conference
As one of the Featured Speakers slated for the 2015 American Lighting Assn. (ALA) Conference, Digital Media Executive Kate Christensen, who has worked with Sony and Disney, wants to help the lighting industry connect... read more
Wabash Electric
From Instagram and iPads to old-fashioned beards and “artisanal” anything, Millennials or Gen Yers as they’re sometimes called (basically anyone born from about 1980 to 2000) can be baffling bunch. But, while they’re... read more

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