Beck: My design business started with a job I hated. A sales job. I was selling printing. But I have a degree in graphic design, and I had become interested in metalworking while working for a welding supply company and... read more
I know a great 24-hour spot called the Pick Me Up Café. Serving up a smorgasbord of tasty breakfast favorites and fatty (read: delicious) comfort food, the late-night destination is—perhaps all too often—just what the doctor... read more
YouTube, the online video clearinghouse that enraptured millions with entertaining gems like OK Go’s treadmill routine and a pair of quirky newlyweds’ first dance, will soon be host to several dozen manufacturer showroom... read more
George Kovacs Lighting introduced the first halogen torchiere to the U.S. market in 1973. Already all the rage in Europe, the halogen-powered fixture produced enough light—bounced upward off the ceiling—to illuminate an... read more
After nearly three years with Residential Lighting, I feel as though my initiation into the realm of lighting geekdom is complete. Just ask my husband, who is kind enough to listen patiently (though somewhat glassy-eyed) as... read more
This month, the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) kicks off its 2008 “United We Stand” membership campaign. The industry organization hopes to recruit 120 new members with its patriotic-themed effort, which ties in with this... read more
It’s been a long winter indeed. Between near-record snow fall and days upon days without a single ray of sunshine, I’ve pretty much exhausted all my favorite indoor activities, and my cold-weather wardrobe is tired and in... read more
In true pioneering spirit, the management team and employees of Hunter Lighting Group/Kenroy purchased Hunter Lighting Group from Hunter Fan Co. earlier this spring, forming one of the only employee-owned companies in the... read more
The city of Chicago will host the American Lighting Association’s four-day lighting training course June 2-5. Certified Lighting Consultant Stanley Johnston, President of Palos Verdes Estates, CA-based Johnston Lighting... read more
Despite the seemingly endless expanse of showrooms, the numbingly long days and the painful “blisties” that inevitably form on my heels, I have to admit that I really look forward to heading off to High Point twice each year... read more
One of the hottest lighting trends are silver portable lamps. First introduced in 19th-Century Bohemia as an inexpensive alternative to sterling silver, mercury glass combines traditional glass-blowing methods and Victorian-... read more
Accessories are key to spicing up lighting showrooms and swelling your bottom line. Here are some of the latest trends in crossover categories: accent furniture, wall decor and decorative accessories. Vessels and vases... read more
While I’m no Martha, I do know how to throw a fine party if I do say so myself. My good-times philosophy? If you gather friendly folks and give them a reason to celebrate, food and drink — conversation and camaraderie are... read more
From top-performing products to cutting-edge technology and techniques, our annual special section features the lighting industry’s latest and greatest, brought to you by an enthusiastic group of forward-thinking vendors.... read more
Despite pelting rain and 140-mph winds, Interiors & Extras, a design studio and specialty store in Metairie, LA, came out relatively unscathed by Hurricane Katrina. The store was sealed like a vault when Nancy Lassen... read more
Like most sizeable retailers, Hermitage Lighting Gallery, located in Nashville, TN, welcomes hundreds of new products into its showroom several times every year—each time its buyers return from market. Though the new designs... read more
Anomalies in today's import-heavy lighting industry, an assortment of spirited companies stay true to their artisanal roots, eschewing outsourcing in favor of hands-on involvement in the manufacturing process. Here, a... read more
The American Lighting Association has debuted its Certificate Specialist program, a mid-level designation for those American Lighting Association members who want to become more specialized in a specific area of lighting.... read more
The American Lighting Assn. (ALA) will present its usual lineup of impelling and informative educational seminars at the January Dallas Market:  Thursday, Jan. 17, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.Advanced Applications in Lighting Design... read more
LEDs, such as PebbLED from the German company Leonardo, are favorites abroad. Energy-efficient lighting staged an impressive showing at the January Dallas Market. Industry exhibitors were quick to show off their high-... read more

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