Residential Lighting: What’s your forecast for 2007? Martin Regalia: We’re looking at 2.5 percent growth—or maybe a tad better—in the first half of 2007, and closer to 3 percent growth in the second... read more
Residential Lighting: How would you characterize the current job market? Nancy Ahlrichs: Employers are frustrated with the quality and quantity of people applying and tend to think jobs are not glamorous enough to attract... read more
Energy-efficient lighting at Lighting Design by Light Bulbs Plus, Rancho Cordova, CA. Quite the hot topic these days, energy-efficient lighting continues to shed its persona as a troublesome seller. While legislative... read more
Residential Lighting: You describe landscape lighting as painting with light. Why? Nate Mullen: My philosophy is that designing outdoor lighting is very much like painting a portrait. The painter isn't concerned about how... read more
We asked three Lighting Showroom of the Year nominees for January’s 17th Annual ARTS Awards to tell us into which accessories categories they’ve expanded and how well they’ve managed to weave them into their existing product... read more
Residential Lighting: What’s the formula for success with events? Melissa Haberstroh: Start with a small-scale event—a visit by an author, artist or designer. Let’s say you are fortunate enough to get Bob Mackie to introduce... read more
Residential Lighting: How can a wealth manager help lighting retailers? Andi Kang: Wealth managers can help in the development of short-term, intermediate and long-term goals. We go beyond traditional financial-... read more
Residential Lighting: How do you use poetry as a creative tool? Julle Oksanen: When I was young, I played violin and sang opera. After 30 years in lighting, I have matured as a designer and have found that poetry is... read more
Residential Lighting: What is sustainability, and why is it important? Jeff Hiller: Sustainability refers to the healthy balance between three important considerations: environmental concerns, social equity and our local... read more
The movement to reduce unsightly and potentially dangerous light pollution in the night sky has been a concern for folks on the East and West coasts for years. Ecologists and concerned community members blame the glaring... read more
In 1989, a Florida federal court relied upon a “relevant buyer group” composed of wholesale customers to determine if the shape of Remcraft’s Swedish Modern Bullet, Cylinder Bullet and PAR Holder had “acquired secondary... read more
Michael McHale: The short story [of how Michael McHale Designs came to be] is that I had been unhappy as a lawyer. I knew I had creativity in me, but I didn’t know how to harness it. [But, I did know] I needed to do... read more
Residential Lighting: How important is online advertising for lighting retailers? Court Cunningham: Traditional advertising and marketing have their place, but more and more studies show the incredible impact of online... read more
At least one-fourth of all businesses that close because of a disaster never reopen, with small enterprises the hardest hit, according to the Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS). The reason? Most fail to plan for... read more
BUCHWALD: The idea for my Machine Lights developed from my lifelong artistic examination of the essence of modern technology. I am fascinated by the uncompromising functionality of machines, [stripped from] the hull of... read more
Lindsey Adelman: I studied industrial design at RISD [Rhode Island School of Design] and focused on lighting for my final thesis. I found it to be a very low-tech way to have a big impact on a space and really transform... read more
Two-limb pendant by Sarah Cihat and Michael Miller Tabletop designer Sarah Cihat of Rehabilitated Dishware turns her talents to lighting design with the help of friend and metalsmith Michael Miller.Cihat: The lights... read more
Residential Lighting: What is Internet marketing, really? Bob Negen: Electronic marketing is using both e-mail and a website to deepen relationships with current customers and find new customers. Most retailers buy... read more
Residential Lighting: If we’re itching to expand, where do we start? Mike Munz: A person who thinks about expanding—adding a second location, square footage or product lines—should first write a business plan. Get the idea... read more
Residential Lighting: How have the entries evolved since the first competition? Monty Gilbertson: The improvement has been wonderful. We went from basic, “look at this” engineering technology to “look at what we’re doing now... read more

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