Amid a fanfare of public relations and environmental goodwill, Wal-Mart recently pledged to sell 100 million compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) by the year 2008. This pledge sent a collective shudder through the greater... read more
The American Lighting Assn.’s Lighting Your Life brochure is the last (but not least) in a long line of ALA literature to be treated to a much-needed makeover. ALA Consulting Director of Education Joe Rey-Barreau led the... read more
Q: Randall, can you dim low voltage and line voltage together? A: Yes. As long as it is a low voltage dimmer, there should be no problem. Don’t use a line voltage dimmer on a low voltage fixture, though. Q: Why does... read more
Carlson Carlson: I was always searching for a very specific look—classically elegant and responsive to contemporary. There’s an awful lot of stuff out there that strives for design with too many... read more
My husband Russ and I have been collecting vintage lighting since early in our marriage. We started to research how to make it, and it was like going on a treasure hunt as we stumbled upon all these wonderful things. When we... read more
For Moth Design's Shannon Shapiro, infusing her lighting with organic motifs is not enough. Inspired by nature, she thinks "it's time I tried to save some of it." I would definitely say I'm inspired by nature... read more
Bart Quillen, co-owner of Brooklyn, NY’s new Prague Kolektiv gallery showcasing Czech artistry, discusses the historical roots of the culture’s lighting design paradigms: "What has characterized Czech... read more
Jim Decker has a lengthy record—of awards, that is. In fact, over the years Progress Lighting’s Vice President of Brand Management has earned more than a dozen honors in recognition of his many and varied accomplishments. In... read more
This new line with Oriental Accent allows for the complete Oscar de la Renta look. The Oscar de la Renta Home Collection already includes furniture, rugs, tabletop, decorative fabrics, bedding ensembles, mattresses and home... read more
Carlton Haney, designer: First of all, timing is everything. I was so very fortunate that this irresistible art glass was brought to my attention. It is so incredibly beautiful and translucent, and the colors are so vibrant... read more
Jenssen: After a decade of living in Taos, NM, I moved in the mid-’90s to the West Texas ghost town of Terlingua, where I was inspired by the desert and the rusty detritus of the town’s mining past. It was then that I began... read more
Ruh: My physical surroundings provide the inspiration for my work. Some of my glass vessels are inspired by the delicate patterns on sandbars after the water has receded or the lines drawn into fresh snow by leafless,... read more
New York architectural firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro chose to deconstruct the classic crystal chandelier for the Swarovski Crystal Palace exhibition that debuted last month during Design Miami. Partner Ricardo Scofidio... read more
  Jane Grey, with daughter Stella Made in Haiti from recycled materials and adorned with eco-friendly paints, Stray Dog Designs’ Papier-Mâché Collection represents several new directions for designer and founder... read more
Dixon Dixon: Our lamps are made all over the world—some in the United Kingdom, some in India, some in China and some in Germany—depending on what material or specific skill is needed.  We will introduce the... read more
Issued last fall, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Residential Light Fixtures (RLF) Specification version 4.1 cleared the way for single-piece (integrated lamp and ballast) compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) with GU... read more
Poehlmann: My first best-selling series [for CP Lighting] was the Cup and Saucer sconce, which hit in the mid '90s and was an overnight success to the point that I had a dedicated employee for those fixtures. I didn’t... read more
If you want to know what the future of the lighting industry looks like, check out the industry’s new networking group for young executives. Named the Initiative for the Future, the group already boasts some 60-odd members—... read more
Henderson: I’m not classically trained as a designer by any means. My degree is actually in aerospace engineering. I worked for the Air Force, Boeing, Lithonia and Kalco before launching Varaluz a year and a half ago with my... read more
Gray Gray: Several important clues led to the discovery that women had a direct role in the creation of lamps, windows and other luxury objects long thought to be designed exclusively by Louis Comfort Tiffany, [... read more

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