Although World Market Center (WMC) officials quell rumors that Phase 3 of its 57-acre campus is dedicated to lighting, the Las Vegas home furnishings marketplace is ready to announce more specific plans for what will fill... read more
For the long list of lighting manufacturers scheduled to relocate their showrooms to the Dallas Market Center’s Trade Mart expansion, this month’s June market marks the beginning of the end—an end to cramped space and... read more
Members of the American Lighting Assn.’s Political Action Committee met with legislators during the organization’s annual lobbying mission to Washington, D.C., last month, May 3-4. During the two days of back-to-back... read more
If Karen Wolf were a type of lighting, she says she’d be a color-changing LED.   It’s an appropriate choice for this industry dynamo, principal of The Wolf Group—her self-titled manufacturers’ rep organization... read more
“Buying a shade without a lamp is like buying a hat without your head.” That’s the industry adage lighting veteran Ashton Harrison laughingly quotes when asked how she handles lamp shade displays in her... read more
Positive energy radiates an irresistible allure. Few can evade wide-eyed wonderment in the face of either technological or artistic innovation. And as onlookers are swept away in the rapid current of adventurous design, a... read more
It’s difficult to find the perfect partner. But when things truly click, the lucky companions are in for an awful lot of fun. Take my current favorite couple: glass and light. The sparks that fly when these two dance... read more
Remember how exciting it was to write orders for the hottest fixtures and lamps at market? Keep that feeling alive when the shipment finally arrives at your showroom. Use it to create some buzz about your newest additions... read more
Faulty sockets and broken wires are big business at The Lamp & Shade Fair in Orlando, FL. “About one-third of our revenue is from repairs, which often lead to other sales,” says Ralph Waters, the showroom... read more
Hartford, CT's Restoration Lighting Gallery differentiates itself from its big box competitors by advertising its custom services with in-store digital signage. Getting customers into lighting showrooms is hard, but... read more
Although the news is filled with stories of layoffs, cutbacks and other financial speedbumps, for the most part, the lighting industry seems to be holding its own. Existing orders with contractors, for instance, are bringing... read more
  The glass-walled kitchen lighting lab in Seattle’s Alexander Lighting showroom is clean and modern, but more importantly, it offers designers and their clients a quiet place to explore and experiment with a given... read more
More than 50 million Americans are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) each year. Most researchers believe the affliction is caused by decreased exposure to the sun during winter’s shorter days. Much more than mere... read more
Mod Moxie Neoclassical references and nostalgic motifs are made thoroughly modern with bare, globe-shaped bulbs. Beckman chandelier from Kenneth Wingard Refraction from Currey & Company Georgetown from... read more
A stunning addition to the entryway of Seattle’s Alexander Lighting, this art glass waterfall installation by Nancy Mee is made all the more dramatic with track and spot illumination. Alexander’s designers use this and... read more
A veteran sales force is extremely valuable. Associates with 20-plus years in the industry have seen it all; nothing can phase them. Nevertheless, it’s just as important to infuse your team with youth. What lighting rookies... read more
Play it safe Fire insurance is actually relatively easy to come by in Southern California, despite its being a “high-risk” area. Though insurance companies often refuse to cover structures located within close range of... read more
For Laurie Gross, President of Gross Electric in Toledo, OH, and Ann Arbor, MI, it’s simple math. “We’ll make more money selling good product than old product,” she says. And so, earlier this year she cleared out the “junk”—... read more
The National Mall in Washington, D.C., was covered in construction and crowds during the Solar Decathlon, Oct. 12-20. High-tech solar-paneled louvered doors helped Germany’s Technische Universität Darmstadt team win the... read more
In January blogger “Susanna” fed this item to mega-retailer Lamps Plus’ LightPost! Web site ( “The colorful, jewelry-like look of this table lamp from our Bijoux Collection caught the eye of the Woman’s... read more

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