Residential Lighting: Is a down economy a good time to invest in marketing and advertising programs? Andy Mahler: Clearly, the lighting business is driven by real estate and new home building. But the requirement for... read more
How do you approach situations that may involve an unreasonable customer? What do you do if a shopper is venting inappropriately at someone on your staff? Or returning yet another item long after it was purchased? It may be... read more
Auman: I always start with pattern design. That is the way I build my pieces. Pattern design is really important to me even though I don’t do pattern design in the traditional sense. I don’t design pattern for print or for... read more
Focus on the energy-saving aspects of fans. Consumers can reduce air conditioning costs thanks to the “wind chill” effect fans provide. Fans with Energy Star® ratings and efficient motors enhance the package. Provide plenty... read more
I can remember my first day on the job at Residential Lighting like it was yesterday. It was at the summer Dallas Market, and let’s just say it was long enough ago that the show was in July and included a Four Star event. I... read more
The latest edition of Lighting magazine, the joint project between the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) and Meredith Publishing’s Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications, is now available on newsstands across the... read more
What do this year’s ARTS Awards lighting showroom winners have in common? They each feature decorative accessories in their merchandising and cross-selling efforts. Decorative accessories add dollars to the sales ticket and... read more
Residential Lighting: Who are the Millennials, and where do they fit in today’s workforce?   Dina Cipollaro: For the first time in modern history, four generations of workers exist side-by-side. We call them... read more
Patterson: Today [in the kitchen], the typical finishes are still very popular, like brushed nickel and stainless steel, but when we’re developing product for [our companies] Hinkley or Fredrick Ramond, we’re not as... read more
Understandably skittish in the wake of Katrina’s recent devastation, some attendees left the 2005 American Lighting Assn. Conference a little bit early when the initial stages of Hurricane Rita came knocking on the... read more
Not too many would decorate their home with an octopus. But Jürgen Reichert didn’t strive for mass-market success when he designed the Octopuslucidus “light creature” in “Euro Flash” (December... read more
Drowning in a sea of fixtures—I know, I can hear the collective groan from you, dear readers, at the mere mention. Not only are you tired of the cliché you’re also sick to death of lectures about visual... read more
The Thursday afternoon “Hot Dog Bar” says it all. Everybody who’s anybody in lighting needs to show up for the January Dallas Market, specifically on the third and fourth floors of the Trade Mart, where... read more
You can’t please everybody. But you should at least give the impression that you’re trying to do so.   Sounds a touch nefarious, doesn’t it? Well, I’m not actually promoting outright... read more
Self-help types say it’s best to live “in the moment.” I agree that it’s never good to dwell on the past, but perhaps I’m too Type A not to anticipate and plan for the future. And it seems you... read more
Today’s consumers can be a darned demanding lot. You’d think a good product selection, knowledgeable sales staff and quality customer service would be enough to earn their patronage. But “experience... read more
Chandra Palermo, Editor I haven’t been entirely faithful to this industry. As the Editor also for Hospitality Lighting and Accessory Merchandising, I often have flings with markets more tailored to those... read more
Chandra Palermo Editor MILAN, April 18 — The mothership has landed. There’s never a shortage of eccentricity and flamboyance at Italy’s biennial lighting market, Euroluce. And for post-show coverage, it generally... read more
Chandra Palermo Editor Sheesh, do we have our work cut out for us. While the lighting industry scrambles to supply more fashionable and technologically advanced options for the increasingly green-minded consumer, a... read more
Maybe we need something like Esperanto. Remember the international language a learned few hoped would become a universal second tongue to unite our world’s disparate cultures? It never quite took off on a large scale... read more

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