Yale's Toys for Tots
Lighting companies hit the ground running during the holidays, giving back to their communities and encouraging others to do the same. They took to Facebook, promoting everything from toy drives to cash donations. Here’s a... read more
Interior designers have become a beloved segment of the lighting industry, opening a new and very viable channel of business. And, although there are some nuances to working with this group, the benefits are clear. From... read more
Liza Hausman, Houzz
Residential Lighting: How is Houzz different from other social networks that allow users to visually share their interests, discover interests and organize projects? Liza Hausman: Houzz is completely dedicated to the home... read more
Ashley Childers
Q: Why is it that your pendants, chandeliers and sconces look like giant pieces of jewelry? A: I was a jewelry designer and actually still have a jewelry collection. I have an eye for stones and have collected them since I... read more
Your Decor app, Lightovation
Glenda Milam heard the question “How do you think this will look in my house?” from customers in her showroom, Lighting Emporium of Bethel Heights, AR, constantly. That was tough for her to answer without being at... read more
Pace Lighting
While for many consumers spending time and money on lighting the inside of their homes is a no-brainer, lighting the outside can take a back seat.                 Outdoor lighting can... read more
Todd Sawvelle
Q: How did you get involved in the lamp business? A: I’m an “accidental” product designer. As a child, I envisioned I would become an architect. Of course, I veered off that path and worked my way through college in retail,... read more
Tom Frampton, Fanimation
Residential Lighting: Tell us about your background. Tom Frampton: In 1973, I started out working with Burton A. Burton, who went on to found Casablanca Fan Company. Burton was an entrepreneur with an equipment distribution... read more
Richard Alan, Industry Leadership Award
If you know anything about Richard Alan, it’s probably one of these things: He’s made a name for himself as one of the best independent reps in the lighting business; he’s Mr. American Lighting Assn. (ALA), donating his time... read more
ALA Conference, Karin Bruce
Debuted at this year’s American Lighting Assn. (ALA) Conference in Huntington Beach, CA, Oct. 1-3, the ALA Conference app was the talk of the town.  It allowed for dialogue, great interaction and friendly competition... read more
American Lighting Association Pillars of the Industry Burns Dross Warmbold
2015 Pillars of the Industry The American Lighting Assn. (ALA) honored its 2015 Pillars of the Industry at the Annual Conference in Huntington Beach, CA, Oct. 1-3. Andy Burns, Partner at Triple C Lighting & Controls;... read more
The USAI Collaboratory
As retailers continue to integrate more solid-state products into their showrooms, age-old display techniques require rethinking. This is the name of the game at USAI Lighting’s new pop-up Collaboratory. The company took... read more
Q: How was net-zero energy defined for the demonstration home? A: The total amount of energy used by the home on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on site. Q: How did that objective... read more
Jon Sayah
Residential Lighting: Tell us about Lights Fantastic Pro (LFP). Jon Sayah: We’re trying to do three things. One, inspire the customer to do great lighting and lighting that is important. Two, train them and educate them.... read more
Passion Lighting Business View
Google’s 360-degree tours, called Business View, invite customers inside your space virtually, giving panoramic views in a 3-D format. Now that your customer base isn’t limited to those in driving distance, this tool can... read more
In a day and age where the Internet is king, digital information protection is royally important. It’s a commonly held thought that only large corporations are susceptible to hackers, but unfortunately, small retailers are... read more
Gabrielle Blair
Residential Lighting: You have the blog. Why did you write a book? Gabrielle Blair: I didn't really have “book” on my list, but a publisher reached out to me. They liked the content on my blog and liked my... read more
Windsor Smith
Q: What are your lighting pet peeves? A: Not giving it the attention it deserves! You can just feel the difference between rooms where lighting is approached as a utility and those where light sculpts the space and directs... read more
Periscope — a live streaming video app owned by Twitter that allows you to broadcast for free — is the newest craze in the social media jungle.  On Aug. 2, the company announced that it had already reached 10 million... read more
Cindy Morris, DMC
Residential Lighting: How has the role of the market center — Dallas specifically, but also market centers in general — evolved in the years you have been with DMC? City Morris: Our marketplace is powered by... read more

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