COMPANY NAME: Ellington HQ LOCATION: Dallas WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR its great styles at a great value. A respected player in the ceiling fan business, Ellington and its parent company, Litex... read more
COMPANY NAME: Dallas Market Center HQ LOCATION: Dallas WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR being the world’s most complete wholesale marketplace and the International Home of Lighting. We offer more... read more
COMPANY NAME: Bulbrite HQ LOCATION: Moonachie, NJ WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR innovative light source products, exceptional educational programs and outstanding service under “the Bulbrite Promise.”... read more
COMPANY NAME: American-De Rosa Lamparts HQ LOCATION: Commerce, CA WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR a wide range of hand-forged iron lighting and onyx shades. We offer customers full custom capabilities.... read more
COMPANY NAME: Access Lighting HQ LOCATION: Tustin, CA WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR state-of-the art modern lighting that is exclusive and vogue, yet affordable. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? First,... read more
When it comes to selling landscape lighting to customers, seeing really is believing. And nothing opens consumers’ eyes to the category’s potential like a well executed lighting lab. As more homeowners envision their outdoor... read more
Residential Lighting: Why is digital marketing so important? John Arnold: Around one-third of all consumer media time is spent on the Internet, according to most of the studies I’ve seen. A telling study came from Google —... read more
Boschman: There are two of us, Kris Van Puyvelde, co-founder of Royal Botania, and me. Kris is more organic in design, and I am more straight. We get ideas by opening our eyes. Just to walk around in the city or in another... read more
There’s never a good time to be summoned for jury duty, but my last experience was particularly painful. Not only were we on deadline for this issue, but I was about to leave for the ALA Conference, immediately followed by... read more
For many retailers, plans to expand or even just spruce up the showroom have been placed on hold indefinitely due to tough times. But some stores are differentiating themselves by investing in their showrooms’ appearance... read more
Residential Lighting: Spring High Point registrations were down 8 percent. What traffic are you expecting for fall? Brian Casey: It’s hard to predict. Our pre-registrations are actually fairly close to where we were about... read more
Ross Lovegrove: I am inspired by the logic and beauty of nature. My designs possess a trinity between technology, materials science and intelligent organic form. I believe I am creating what many see as a new aesthetic... read more
These are the looks that dominated the fall 2010 High Point Market, and are destined to find their way into your most compelling displays. Boho Free-spirited style has elements of both retro and vintage ideas Authentic... read more
Just announced at this month’s ALA Conference, the honorees from this year’s Lighting for Tomorrow competition cover dimmable fluorescent products and an expanded slate of solid-state categories. So what emerged victorious... read more
We recently surveyed our readers to find out, among other things, what categories of product they would need most in anticipation of an upswing in business. Not surprisingly, energy-efficient lighting was cited as a key... read more
Customers have green on their minds. Are you ready to engage them in the showroom — with interactive displays, hang tags, brochures and Energy Star®-qualified products? “There are a lot of drivers in the market right now,”... read more
Residential Lighting: Do you think living simply can make a difference? Ed Begley Jr.: I think it already has. Take California, for instance. Since the early ’70s, per capita energy use in the nation has gone up considerably... read more
Joerg Student: The key inspiration for the type of work I do is actually talking to people and finding out what people do, what people need, what people think. I do a lot of new product design. I’m also doing innovation... read more
For years, elaborate window treatments and cushy custom sofas kept many an interior designer fat and happy. Today, as homeowners sort out the new realities of the worst housing market in decades, these and other costly... read more
Residential Lighting: What’s the No. 1 mistake lighting showrooms make? Joe Rey-Barreau: I think the biggest mistake a showroom can make is never to change. Customers want to see new things. If you take the time to rearrange... read more

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