The geek shall inherit the Earth. Well, that’s not quite how it goes. But it sounds an awful lot more accurate for our current social climate. Technology dominates every aspect of our lives, virtually directing our... read more
My lighting lobotomy is now complete. You won me over some time ago, but I didn’t realize what a geek I’d turned into until I became a first-time homeowner last month, and the mania struck: The lighting has to go... read more
  Firmly established as the second home of the American lighting industry, China now looks to raise its profile beyond that of Factoryland. In the wake of the communist country’s recent embrace of capitalism... read more
Our company, Vintage Hardware, sells more than 2,500 items of antique restoration hardware and 250 authentic reproductions of lighting. We even sold some early gas Neo-Rococo fixtures to the White House when they did their... read more
CHANDRA PALERMO Editor One cannot go long as a member of the lighting industry without a trip to China. My first opportunity arose this past June, when I attended the Guangzhou Intl. Lighting Exhibition (The Wire,... read more
It’s all about the mashed potatoes. I know I can eat them any night of the year, but Thanksgiving gives me an excuse to stuff myself silly on them, and I do so love them. So, whenever I think about what Thanksgiving... read more
Pop has become our culture. As connected as we all are via various high-tech gadgetry, we still seem to communicate most clearly and enthusiastically through lingo concocted absurdly from shared entertainment: “You... read more
Residential Lighting: What’s the quickest way to get started with e-mail marketing? Loren McDonald: Put some e-mail opt-in cards on the sales counter and encourage customers to opt in. After a year, you may have... read more
Residential Lighting: What is the main impetus to hold a sales event? Chris Lynch: About 60 percent of our work is for retailers remaining in business, who want to remerchandise, remodel, relocate or reduce inventory. The... read more
Residential Lighting: Summer market season is in full swing, with the Las Vegas show July 24-28. How can buyers best prepare? Floyd Veal: Have your pre-game plan ready. I recommend an 8-by-10-inch notebook with alphabetical... read more
Residential Lighting: Do LEDs generate enough lumens for use in fixtures and portables? Kelly Gordon: That’s the big push. High-power LEDs can produce up to about 80 lumens. A standard 60W incandescent bulb produces... read more
Residential Lighting: How do you define luxury and wealth? Milton Pedraza: People use the term luxury loosely, but we have criteria. A luxury product has consistently superior quality. It is unique and exclusive. It... read more
Residential Lighting: Why is it so hard to build showroom traffic? Ethan Kap: The big-box retailers have been stealing customers. Many clients try to compete on the same level and don’t survive. So, we teach... read more
Barbara Berry, one of Boyd Lighting's lighting designers, created the Belvedere pendant. Barry: Philosophy is core to my work. Some designers are motivated by periods or styles. I’m inspired by the philosophy of... read more
Discounted early-bird registration for the Third Annual Closets and Home Organization Conference & Expo™, March 21-23, in Schaumburg, IL, is available at The one-of-a-kind three-day event,... read more
Not in mybackyard. There simply can’t be folks making lighting products on U.S. soil in 2008. That’s crazy talk. Sorry for the sarcasm, but the “Made in the U.S.A.” label is such a rarity in our industry these days, it... read more
Darned if we lighting folk aren’t a malcontented lot. We’re never quite satisfied these days, are we? We not only demand that our products be aesthetically striking and fashionable, not to mention competitively priced, but... read more
The green giant doesn’t seem so jolly these days. (No, I’m not referring to the iconic vegetable purveyor.) The widespread movement toward ecological responsibility has become quite the behemoth, but the warm fuzzies that... read more
I have something super exciting to show you. Pay a visit to our Web site,—pretty please! We’ve completely overhauled the look and content and are relaunching the site this month, and I’m just... read more

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