Finalist, Revenue Under $2 Million Lighting Innovation Laguna Niguel, CA The Laguna Design Center is the premier resource for Southern California’s professional design community. It is also home to Lighting Innovation and... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $2 Million Lappin Lighting, Division of Pahl’s Premier Design Collection Minneapolis Located in a building more than 100 years old that has 18-foot ceilings intentionally left open and untiled, Lappin... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $2 Million Lakes Region Lighting Center Laconia, NH Serving most of northern New Hampshire since the early 1930s, Laconia Electric Supply operates Lakes Region Lighting Center. The showroom focuses on... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million Hortons Home Lighting LaGrange, IL When customers leave the store feeling wonder, amazement and delight, Hortons Home Lighting staff members celebrate. Going beyond the expected with... read more
Finalist, Revenue $5 Million+ Design Lighting Surrey, BC Catering to the homeowner, designer or contractor, Design Lighting has developed a reputation for being a leading-edge retailer and lighting supplier. Its strength in... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million Cleveland Lighting Lyndhurst, OH After a massive fire in 2009 left the original store completely destroyed, Cleveland Lighting management decided it would rebuild, and that its new store... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million Champlain Valley Electric Plattsburgh, NY Champlain Valley Electric’s business mission is deceptively simple: “Provide our customers with prompt, courteous service, superior product... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $2 Million Bright Light Design Center King of Prussia, PA An independent division of a large electrical distributor, Bright Light Design Center survived 2009 with a very thin staff and reduced... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million Black Whale Lighting Encinitas, CA By encouraging customers to “think out of the box” and showing them all available lighting options, the customer-friendly staff at Black Whale Lighting... read more
When was the last time you danced in your showroom? I was deeply moved when Tim Stumm, Vice President of Marketing & Showroom Operations for Meletio Lighting & Electric Supply in Dallas, said he and his staff were “... read more
Incorporating billboard campaigns into your marketing arsenal can be a powerful way to make a statement about who you are as a business, what distinguishes you from the competition and even what direction you are headed down... read more
Residential Lighting: In your book, “Retail Superstars,” you profile the 25 best independent retailers. How can we emulate that success? George Whalin: The place to start is to be different from everybody else. For example,... read more
John Souza: What motivates me is that I love what I do. I truly get inspired when I go to the job site. Not every job is the same. You have to work with existing light sources, plant materials and the architectural details... read more
The American Lighting Association (ALA) in conjunction with Better Homes and Gardens (BH&G) Special Interest Media kicked off a $10,000 lighting makeover sweepstakes for homeowners in April. The marketing promotion had... read more
The American Lighting Assn. (ALA) has been busy battling potentially threatening legislative actions pending at both bi-national (United States and Canada) and state levels, and ensuring that the best interests of the... read more
Is the time finally right for LEDs to establish a firm foothold in the residential market? Signs suggest yes. Recent technological strides, coupled with a shift in consumer mindset, have paved the way for an array of... read more
Craig Curtis: I am an engineer. So, that’s how my work begins. I look at everything functionally, especially when designing with LEDs. There are so many critical issues to make sure the LEDs function properly. I get details... read more
Large corporations have reaped big benefits by forming strategic alliances. Whether the goal is carving out a better competitive position, reaching new markets or a means of leveraging risk, these tactics can improve chances... read more
Residential Lighting: What is CEE? Eileen Eaton: CEE is a consortium of energy-efficiency program administrators from the U.S. and Canada. By working together, administrators can leverage the effect of their rate payer... read more
When I first learned about the “Life Cycle Assessment of Illuminants: A Comparison of Light Bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Lamps and LED Lamps” and its key finding — that LEDs are indeed energy efficient — I thought: Is this for... read more

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