COMPANY NAME: Access Lighting HQ LOCATION: Tustin, CA WEBSITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR contemporary lighting that is exclusive and vogue, yet affordable. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? First, there is the... read more
Like trying on thick, wooly sweaters in July, shopping for floods and bollards when there’s a foot of snow on the ground seems all sorts of wrong. Yet, for many lighting showrooms, seasonal categories like outdoor lighting... read more
When Cathy Choi started at Bulbrite in 2001, the company was celebrating the 30-year anniversary of her parents Andrew and Barbara Choi founding the company. Although it was already known for its quality service, Choi was... read more
Residential Lighting: What advice do you have for lighting showrooms? Jim Fleming: The first order of business is generating more sales. Most showrooms are down 30 to 50 percent. One of my standard strategies with clients is... read more
Deborah Witte: My goal is to improve peoples’ lives, and I do that through lighting. I’m always looking at how lighting impacts individuals and their experience. If it’s a hotel environment and people are sitting out by the... read more
Smart phone users can now experiment with different lighting styles without ever changing a bulb, courtesy of a free application, or app, now available from GE Lighting. The company’s new Mood Cam application allows iPhone... read more
Lighting showrooms that had all of their eggs in the builder basket learned quickly that a broader home furnishings mix would diversify their product portfolio for retail success. It was the visually articulated mantra of... read more
The popularity of the Internet can be particularly problematic for lighting retailers. Brick-and-mortar showrooms have always been the bread and butter of the industry, and many a successful lighting business is built on... read more
Residential Lighting: What was your lighting display in Las Vegas all about? Christopher Lowell: The World Market Center came to us because our brand makes such a great connection with the public. They asked if we would... read more
Located in Canada’s fastest-growing city, Prima Lighting represents the vision of two old friends and lighting industry veterans. Located in Canada’s fastest-growing city, Prima Lighting represents the vision of two old... read more
Whether you have a lot to spend or just a little, Pace Lighting works hard to get your business. The 18,500-square-foot showroom carries more than 2,500 light fixtures from nearly 200 vendors, so there is a lot to choose... read more
Shopping at Lightology is intended to provide an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. Located on Chicago’s Near North Side, the 20,000-square-foot showroom is designed to wow, from its central three-story atrium to... read more
Long known for being on the forefront of all of the newest lighting technologies, Lighting Unlimited is now focusing on LED systems. Staffed with an electrical engineer, experienced lighting designers and a dedicated... read more
A fire destroyed Cleveland Lighting’s original location in a matter of hours, yet the business never stopped. After moving into temporary quarters and getting help from vendors and even competitors, the company had to make a... read more
If you’re wondering why the print edition of September Residential Lighting is mailing later than usual, rest assured we’ve got a good reason. I know, I know — you’re used to getting print issues from us in a timely fashion... read more
There are two sides to energy-efficient lighting’s story, especially when it comes to dimming CFLs and LEDs. “Over the last several years, CFLs have become ever more popular, but LEDs are quickly entering the market as the... read more
Residential Lighting: What is the Sustainable Furnishings Council? Susan Inglis: Our members are a balanced coalition of companies that have various roles in the industry, including suppliers, manufacturers, interior... read more
Angela McDonald: People are sometimes pleasantly surprised that energy-efficient sources are acceptable and compatible with a residential setting. The designer can combine halogen, LED and compact fluorescent sources... read more
As the popularity and potential of social media continues to explode exponentially, it's no longer being viewed as a fad, but a fundamental shift in the way we communicate — and do business. With this reality in mind, the... read more
I expected better from House Beautiful. The headline on the magazine's recent website slideshow read: "10 Ceiling Fans That Aren't Ugly." Really? I haven't heard such a backhanded compliment since someone once told me I'm... read more

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