Hinkley Lighting's display for the Atlantis outdoor collection in Dallas
Warmer weather has lured people out into the sunshine, where they will be walking by shops and perusing their windows. And if your displays haven’t seen much TLC lately, it may be time to put on that thinking cap. ... read more
Dennis Beard
Dennis Beard: I love mixing elements from the past and giving them a new twist. One of the Hepburns said that she liked “classic with a twist.” I appreciate all periods of art, and I studied them in art history. But I also... read more
Crystal Vilkaitis, Social Media Director at SnapRetail
Residential Lighting: How important is social media marketing? Crystal Vilkaitis: It’s the only marketing channel where we can talk directly to our customers. We can’t do that with a postcard, a billboard or a mailer. It... read more
CAPITOL LIGHTINGBOCA RATON, FL One of the most established lighting showroom companies, 88-year-old Capitol Lighting is also one of the most modern marketers around. A “bricks and clicks” business model has been a success... read more
GROSS ELECTRICTOLEDO, OH The residential lighting industry is known for its family-owned businesses, and Gross Electric is among the oldest and most respected in the market. The largest lighting showroom in the Toledo market... read more
CHRISTIE’S LIGHTING GALLERYFLETCHER, NC While other showrooms in the area were cutting back or closing their doors for good, this enterprising showroom opened in 2008 and broke the million-dollar sales mark this past year.... read more
  For homeowners looking to add perceived value to their property, the right outdoor lighting can do wonders for a home’s exterior. No one knows that better than John Gidding, host of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal: The Block.”... read more
1. The Major Benefits of LEDs   Rey-Barreau says: Today, LEDs exceed 100 lumens per watt, and we expect that number to double in the next 10 years. LED life is anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours. LEDs also don’t... read more
For residents of the Twittersphere, a world so prevalent that it was recently added to the Oxford Dictionary, Twitter chats are a great way to expand your network online while also learning more about a given topic. ... read more
James Bedell
Residential Lighting: Why did you write Losing Edison? James Bedell: What sparked it was all the media hype around Congressman (Joe) Barton’s effort to repeal a section of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). It... read more
David Landis
David Landis: What motivates me is adaptive reuse. Since there’s nothing really new and different, except new technology, seeing old things turned around into something new, or using existing things in different or... read more
Hickory Chair, Tobi Fairley Home Collection,
Fairley: My work is built around scale, pattern, specific motifs, which I use over and over, and color. What makes this lighting collection unique to me is the color palette. These fun and bright, saturated colors are not... read more
Valley Light Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ
Valley Light Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ Chris Unthank, President: We’re a family-owned business, and to be recognized in this way by [the ARTS Awards judges] is very gratifying. We are humbled and proud to receive the... read more
Allan Palecek
Residential Lighting: Palecek has long marketed “green” products. How did your company get started? Allan Palecek: Early on, we specialized in handcrafted product. We started out by seeking out interesting, mostly natural... read more
The latest social media site to take the world by storm is Pinterest, which lets you “pin” images you find beautiful, funny or inspirational onto your own virtual pin board. Currently experiencing a popularity boom,... read more
Orozco: I’m just a dreamer. I’m a nomad with a great sense of curiosity, trying to understand the relationship between objects and human beings. That’s the excuse I have to expose the ideas I have in my head. I’m an artist... read more
Residential Lighting: What’s on your agenda for 2012? Steve Crowder: There’s a lot going on globally that impacts this industry, such as the economy, fragmentation and overseas manufacturing. Most small businesses get... read more
Residential Lighting: Tell us about how to become a destination store. Jon Schallert: I teach a 14-step business differentiation process that acknowledges that consumers don’t buy simply on selection and price. There are... read more
Leslie Keno: Harvey Dondero, CEO of Theodore Alexander, said when we first started the partnership that we could pretty much make anything. Within reason, what he said has basically been true. Because of the incredible... read more
Residential Lighting: Tell us about the LUMEN Coalition. Monique O’Grady: It was formed late in 2010 when a coalition of unlikely partners came together — manufacturers, consumer groups, utilities, NGOs, and even members of... read more

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