The American Lighting Assn. (ALA) BiNational Advertising and PR Program recently announced the launch of a new campaign on Houzz. The campaign will promote lighting and the showroom channel of distribution through the social... read more
Bob Phibbs, Retail Doctor
Residential Lighting: How would you describe the state of retailing? Bob Phibbs: In the old days, the manufacturer would have conferences, send sales reps to dealers and tell them everything about the brand. The only place... read more
Of all the finds she posted, these three resonated the most on our award-winning social media pages.  Ben Wirth O’Tool Modular System “In Ben Wirth’s O’Tool modular system, one or four of its Track LED globes can... read more
Avenues Lighting, Jacksonville, FL Conveniently situated off I-95 and just a short drive from one of Jacksonville’s nicest shopping malls, Avenues Lighting says timing, location and the showroom’s ability to fill a void in... read more
Accent Lighting, Lake Oswego, OR In 2014, Accent Lighting won the Showroom of the Year award for Exceptional Community Involvement. Last year, the company was named Showroom of the Year in the Under $2 Million category.... read more
Atlantic Lighting Studio, Wolfville, NS When your vendors tell you your store is unique among lighting showrooms, it’s nice. But when paying customers tell you how welcoming your store feels, and how much they learn about... read more
Kitchens and baths are the two most popular remodel projects in the home — projects that lighting showrooms can get their fair share of if they set themselves up for success. From display techniques to new technology, we... read more
American Lighting Association, ALA, Lighting magazine
The 2016 issue of Lighting magazine will be available in showrooms and on newsstands throughout the United States and Canada starting in April. This year marks the 10th issue of the magazine, which is produced by the... read more
Barrett Newell, Horton Lees Brogden, Twenty|20
Q: What’s the most interesting residential project you’ve worked on recently? A: Northpoint Twenty|20, a high-rise luxury apartment building located in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Cambridge, MA, with a commanding view... read more
Nathan Stodola, WELL Building Standard
Residential Lighting: Tell us about the International WELL Building Institute™. Nathan Stodola: The Institute seeks to improve human health and well-being through the built environment by administering and advancing the WELL... read more
Meredith Heron
Q: When do you find it necessary to create custom lighting pieces? A: Bespoke is a beautiful word in this business — and bespoke lighting even more so. This is something that we’ve only really started to do in the last... read more
Katie Pulli, Wayfair
Residential Lighting: How does lighting do for Wayfair? Katie Pulli: The lighting category at Wayfair is fruitful and growing. We have found that the lighting category is especially popular with our business customers.... read more
Park Lighting, Charity Day, Rehoboth Christian Ministries
Sales reps have a unique perspective, working as a conduit between manufacturers and retailers day to day, plus observing showroom operations on a regular basis. Based on this knowledge, we asked reps north of the border to... read more
Georgia Tannis, 777 Design Avenue Ltd. What role does lighting play in your designs?  Human beings all need natural light to exist and function properly. That is why all my appointments are made during daylight hours... read more
From an overall perspective, Canada’s economic outlook is anything but stellar. Dismal oil prices and the almost historically low dollar created challenges that have become very apparent throughout the last year — and they’... read more
ALA, Conference, Mark Okun
***The 2016 ALA Conference has been canceled. For more information, click here.***   Digital Conference Registration During January Lightovation, the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) announced the launch of its new online... read more
Light Bulbs Etc.
With LED offering a boost in energy savings and a decrease in cost, consumers are jumping on the green bandwagon after realizing that they may never need to change a light bulb, ever again. LED has been gaining plenty of... read more
Cree, TrueWhite Technology
Offering high efficiency, long life, a range of color options and a wealth of other powerful performance features, LEDs deliver a unique value proposition to the residential setting.  But currently used in less than 5... read more
Charles Pavarini
Q: What lighting project are you most proud of? A: Falling Sticks in the Lucas Place Lofts in Kansas City, MO.  It’s a high-concept installation that solves an important practical problem, while also serving as a public... read more

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